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After a lot of trying and many hours of planing and time spent in the wood shop, the first wooden clock was born in 2014.  This bold and unique project stands at the border of art and fuctionality and it is awainting its customers to be discovered.

It’s about clocks from masiv wood, perfectlly functional and many other wood decors.

We work with all types of wood but we prefer mahogany, walnut and cherry wood.

The clocks that we made have different features:

  • Weight
  • Watch spring
  • Stepper engine
  • Quartz

With us you can find varied of objects from wood:

  • Kit’s ( wood clocks with instructions that you can assamble at home )
  • Wall clocks and table clocks ( from wood, unique models )
  • Decorativ objects from wood

For special requests or unique objects, clocks of special mesurements or any other questions and advices please contact us at office@wooddecor.ro and we will return with a response in the shortest time possible.

Company Stetcu Nutu Intreprindere Individuala

Address Timisoara, Splaiul Tudor Vladimirescu, Nr 32

CUI 41169962

Phone Number: +40 724251265

E-mail Address: stetcunutu@wooddecor.ro


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